Imo Transport Summit

Imo Transport Summit, was about empowering transport businesses with cost effective technology where everything, everyone is confidently connected. As the more intelligently your business is connected, the more Ready it can be. They wanted to show that they offered solutions created to help businesses work more effectively.

The challenge was to reach and communicate the aim behind Imo Transport Summit, which would be a world-class solutions to their target audience who are decision makers in various sectors of Nigerian transport industry; including the Oil & Gas, Finance, Manufacturing, ICT, Construction and Hospitality.

We were contacted to come up with the best strategy to reach these decision makers, grab their attention and finally get an audience to showcase how the Imo Transport Summit can grow their businesses, helping them become Ready. The major objectives were to:

  • Complement offline promotion with a digital strategy to grow awareness and drive signups for the summit.
  • Reinforce the brand message by targeting Nigerian audiences In the Niger Delta.

Our Strategy.

  • Campaign segmentation by geography ensuring different Ad copies for Nigerians across the region.
  • YouTube In-stream Ads to drive views of campaign commercial on YouTube.
  • Video Annotations to drive signups from within the YouTube video
  • Facebook Ads targeting Nigerians across Niger Delta, creating top of the mind awareness on the platform.



  • Over 2,500 participants joined the event with over 4,300 additional views on YouTube within the first week of the campaign.
  • Follower growth rate of over 300%; faster than any other local influencer on Google+.
  • Fan growth rate of over 300% on Facebook during the campaign with more than 40% being Nigerians outside the state.